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Sarah Riutta (young_writer13) wrote,
@ 2003-09-20 21:03:00
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    Chapter Six
    Chapter 6:
    Christina felt like she was walking on air all that day. She got home and practically floated up to her room and almost picked up her phone to call Jackie. Almost. Instead Jackie called her.
    "Oh, sorry if I bothered you. Just wanted to know what’s up between you and Jake, but-"
    "What about me and Jake?" Christina's heart started racing.
    "Oh, nothing, but everyone thinks you guys are going out..." Christina almost dropped the phone. Her...and him...and...
    "OHMYGOSH!!!! But...we aren't...are we?"
    "How would I know! You didn't sit by me at lunch, you didn't talk to me before school, instead of me, it was JAKE!" Christina didn't remember any of this. She sat there pressing the phone to her ear in silence.
    "Christina? Christina?? You still there?"
    "Wha-oh, yeah I am...Look, I think I should go now...bye." Christina hung up the phone before she got an answer. It was obvious Jackie was still mad. One, she called her Christina, and two, her voice was loud most of the time. Christina was confused because Jackie wouldn't tell her what was wrong. Whatever. Christina put the phone down and got out her books. She didn't want to do her homework, but she had no choice since her computer was down again. She got out her books and went to work.
    Three hours later she finally threw her last completed assignment on her floor. She got off her bed and stretched her sore legs and went downstairs. Her mom was just beginning to serve dinner.
    "Christina what were you doing in your room this whole time?" Her mom gave her a concerned look.
    "Homework." Christina sat down at the table as her mom filled up her plate with food. Christina looked at the food, but she just wasn't hungry. She was tired. She decided if she ate she would sleep better. She stuffed her face with mashed potatoes and chicken and washed it all down with two glasses of milk. She got up and put her plate in the dishwasher and went up to her room. As she shut her door, her phone rang.
    "Umm...hi." Christina's stomach seemed to drop down onto the floor. It was Jake.
    "W-why are you calling me?" Christina's voice was trembling and she felt like she was shaking.
    "There's some talk around the school that you and I are going out. I was just wondering if you heard them too..."
    "Y-yeah I did..."
    " you think the rumors are true?" Christina got the hint. She liked him. And he liked her. Put one and one together and you get...
    "I don't know, are they?"
    "I think they are." Christina smiled as she told Jake she needed to get off, and put the phone down. She immediately wanted to call Jackie. But they were fighting. She was going to call Kathrine when she remember that she was out of town. Christina sat down on her bed and sighed. No one to share her news with. Oh well. Christina laid down on her bed, and fell asleep in a few minutes.

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