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Sarah Riutta (young_writer13) wrote,
@ 2003-09-20 21:03:00
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    Chapter Five
    Chapter 5:
    The next morning Christina woke up at 5am. She crawled out of bed and decided she could take a long hot shower before her mom woke up. As she got in the shower, she jumped back immediately since the water was so hot. She reached for the cold water knob, and as she turned it the water turned warm. She stood there under the water for at least a half hour before she moved. She didn’t really wash herself, just stood there soaking up the warmth. When she got out, a wave of coldness went over her and she shivered. As she grabbed her towel, she heard the phone ring. She rushed out of the bathroom to answer it.
    "Don't take the paper."
    "Huh?" The line went dead. "Whatever. Probably some weirdo calling me up as a prank." Christina went back to the bathroom to get dressed and then had some breakfast.
    "Christina, you're up early."
    "Yeah..." Chirstina wasn't really listening to her mom, she had other things on her mind. Sure, she would hear an occasional blah, blah, but she didn't interpret anything her mom said after her short yeah.
    "Christina. CHRISTINA! Are you going to eat of what?!?" Maybe Christina over-did the not listening thing a bit.
    "What? Oh, yeah, I will right now..." Christina got out a bowl and some milk and the cereal. She put some cereal in the bowl and drown it in milk. She took a spoon and ate her soggy breakfast.
    "Christina, are you OK?"
    "Yeah, sure." Christina turned away from her mom to finish her breakfast. Her mom looked at her funny the whole time, but Christina didn't care. She wasn't going to spill her whole life to her mom. That was so little girlish. Christina grabbed her backpack and the her money for lunch, and walked out the door with her mom following quickly behind her. She got in the car, with her mom hopping in just after her, and off they went. Her mom said nothing the whole way, and Christina was please her mom knew when to leave her in peace. When they got to the school Christina waved to Jackie, who was Christina's best friend since 5th grade. Christina opened her mouth to tell her mom about the fight, but just got out of the car instead. She walked into the school never glancing back. She thought she heard someone call her name as she walked up to the doors, and turned around to see who when she ran right into the cute guy she saw the first day.
    "Ohmygosh I'm soo sorry!" Christina went into panic mode right away, as the cute guy picked up his books. "Here, let me help." She bent down and they met eye to eye. He looked a lot cuter up close. She grabbed some papers and handed them to him. "I'm soo sorry! I should have been looking where I was going!"
    "I should have been looking, not you." Christina loved his voice, along with everything else about him.
    "Oh, well..."Christina's mind stalled. Uh oh. "I better get going."
    "Are you OK? I'll walk you to class."
    "Um..OK!" Christina stood up and she and the mystery guy walked down the hall side-by-side.
    "So, what's your name?" They had reached Christina's class, and she still didn't know his name.
    "I'm Christina." He put out his hand and she shook it. She fell in love with the feel of his hand. Warm and smooth...everything about him seem to be perfect. When he let go and turned to leave, Christina could have sworn he winked at her.

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