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Sarah Riutta (young_writer13) wrote,
@ 2003-09-20 21:02:00
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    Chapter Four
    Chapter 4:
    "Christina Jo get down here RIGHT NOW for dinner!" Christina woke up at the sound of her mom's voice coming up from the kitchen. She glanced at her clock. It was 6:33 already. Christina threw her homework on the floor and ran downstairs.
    "Christina, that was the third time I had to call you!"
    "Sorry mom. I was sleeping."
    "Sleeping! Why are you sleeping when you have chores to do and work to get done! Don't you get enough sleep at night when you are supposed to sleep?!"
    "I just was bored and dozed off! Geez..." Christina sat down at the table and started her dinner. Neither of them said anything the whole time. When Christina got up, her mom didn't even argue that she didn't eat all of her dinner. Whatever. Christina just scraped off her plate and went to her room to tackle all of her homework that was due tomorrow.
    "Write a paper on who you are and who you want to be. How dumb. Well, lets see..." Christina was in her room on her computer writing one of the many papers she had to write for various classes. She hit away at the keys, writing papers on who she was, what she learned in years past, what she thought of life, stuff like that. No one likes that kind of stuff, it's just something the teachers are required to ask you. Christina called up Jackie and asked what she thought of the papers.
    "Well, Mrs. Wheeler's paper is probably the most boring, make sure you do that last so you can fall asleep better tonight. But do Mr. Calstomes's first. That was actually OK to write. Mr. Johnson's is stuff about wars, so you need to use google or ask jeeves to get a good grade on that. Just say you thought all the wars proved good points and that wars can solve some things. He likes people that like blood and guts, don’t know why though."
    "Jackie! Stop! I didn't want a novel on your thoughts!"
    "Sorry, I'll keep my thoughts to myself next time."
    "You know I was only joking Jac."
    "Sorry I have to go. Bye." Great. Now Christina's best friend was mad at her. Well, whatever she did she didn't mean to. She picked up the phone and hit redial. No one answered. Christina just went back to her stupid papers.

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