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ashley (youmeantoomuch) wrote,
@ 2003-02-08 12:23:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:meatloaf-paradise by the dashboard lights

    ohhh man amys shweet shixteen was so much fun!

    + danielle and peters footloose dance. immmma cut a FOOTLOOSE! haha
    + cara and danielles bohemian rhapsody
    +me laurie d jackie sam and amy singing meatloaf
    + lots of choriographed(Sp?) moves.
    + missy elliot
    + pat spitting all over himself
    + NICOLE DANCING?! weird
    + swing dancing
    + go go go shawty its ya birthday!
    + the dj
    + me and sam bringing it arouuund
    + reggae
    + everythinggggg

    oh man, i hurt so much rite now from dancing like its no bodys buisness.

    maureeeeen hasnt called me yet. we're supposed to go to salvation army then to ricks house for novembersfall/half hearted with d. hmmmmm

    tommorow is tbs<3

    1 MINUTE AGO: my foot was asleep
    1 DAY AGO: was a snowday
    1 WEEK AGO: i hungout with amanda jess and nicole
    1 YEAR AGO: i was in 9th grade

    I HURT: from dancing
    I LOVE: dancing and my friends
    I HATE: eh?
    I FEAR: heights.
    I HOPE: that things will work out
    I FEEL: like death
    I LISTEN: to music.
    I HIDE: whilst playing hide and seek
    I DRIVE: ..
    I PLAY: the sims and allll video games;)
    I MISS: nadine, i never see her anymore.
    I LEARNED: that dancing hurts
    I KNOW: that maureens gunna call. or illlll KILL her
    I WAIT: too long
    I NEED: a lifeeeeeeee
    I THINK: that i love meatloaf

    Current Clothes: pjs
    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: MEATLOAF!
    Current Taste: coke.
    Current Hair: i have a towel on my head, i got outta the shower a few mins ago;)
    Current Annoyance: hungerrrrr
    Current Smell: lavender
    Current thing I ought to be doing: calling maureen
    Current Desktop Picture: iLL mitch!
    Current Favorite bands: boys night out, meatloaf, incubus, foi
    Current Book: none
    Current Movie: none
    Current Refreshment: coke
    Current Worry: hm
    Current Crush:<333

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