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girl in pink (yougotme) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 16:53:00
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    Current mood:mellow
    Current music:Incubus - Pistola

    still no luck...
    Well it's been two days now, since I made a blurty. Still no luck with the finding a community thing. Maybe I shouldn't look so hard. Or maybe I should stop looking for just one 'right' community and instead join a few that seem cool. I dunno, eh? Miss indecisive!
    Still, I've come across some interesting journals to read in my spare time. I like to read other people's, probably more than writing in my own! I need inspiration from others, I guess. I prefer journals that are updated every day. I like to read about the everyday-ness, not just the major events. It sounds really stalker-like but it's a better way of getting to know the person. I don't think I would ever comment or anything cos then it's like, entering their private life. And you don't know whether you are wanted. Oh I don't know!! I suppose it is the whole point! Public journals are for the public to read. So maybe it's not so stalker-like after all.
    Anyway, I suppose I should update my interests list. It's a little thin in content at the moment. Plus I should really add one of those questionniare things about me to this journal. Just so you know ALL about me! Maybe that's not such a good idea.... only kidding!

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2003-08-19 22:05 (link)

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