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-m.i.k.e- [[created by xLaurenx]] (youareamutface) wrote,
@ 2003-06-08 19:30:00
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    hey lauren, i finaly figured out how to use this damned thing and if yore reading this then i guess it work. i just wanted to say thanks for setting me up, ur great.
    jesus, this is gay. my sister had a graduation party today, we spent the entire funcking weekend setting up for it and boom its over in like 2 hours. all my moms idea, not 1 of my sis's friends showed up mostly just my moms partners and business clients (how much does that suck for her?) but it aint all bad i mannaged to swipe a bottle whole of vodka and a water bottle filled with rum (this makes for an interesting eveing, or a trip to the hospital but fuck it, its all good). but alas i shold probly save it for thursday, this you must know about. thursday or friday night me matt and some other freinds from the school are going out to Heritage park (the woods across the street) around midnight to engange in a riualistic book burning (anything u needed over the school year, note books, folders, etc.) and get ShitFaced, should be interesting to say the least. Please consider this your formal invitation, look for me at school to tell me if ur in or just call me (327-1011) but id rather see you in person.
    i was reading ur journal and i have to say one thng about you goin to stranahan next year, DONT DO IT,
    3 reasons
    1. ur white
    2. stranahan is wayyyy worse than south (belive me, my ex goes there)
    3. id miss you
    about all that shit u go through with ur mom, i know exactly what you mean, my moms a recovering alcholic and i used to get into it with her all thetime, one time she busted a bottle over my head, so ur not the only one going through it and there is ways around it, theyre called drugs ;) well i have to go i have a date with a bottle named Shmirnoff

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