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Weed (yogirlweed) wrote,
@ 2003-10-14 02:23:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:I Like the Way You Move--Big Boi

    Quick recap...

    Monday- boring classes

    Tuesday- boring classes

    Wednesday-boring class, flag football, and me and Kelly did the sumo wrestling thing with the fat people suits. It was pretty cool. Except for she cheated and Leslie and Stacy decided to jump on me to. I think they gave me a concussion. on the rizzle

    Thursday-More boring classes. Lab. We (Susan, Megan, Cassy, and I) went to Tonic the club. We had some goodies before the party. That made Tonic 10 times better. I got all the white guys Susan got all the black guys and Cassy and Megan got numbers and some "loving" from some other guys. Susan was toasted. along with everyone else.

    Friday- Went to Frat Row. after boring classes. Had some more goodies. Partied with Megan's friends from ETSU. Met Megan's man at Buffalo Wild Wings..

    Saturday- What a day... The game didn's start til 7:45 and we started pregaming about 5. I pressed out my hair which took like an hour and a half. It looked out except the top so i put a fitted hat on backwards. I was looking like a hot hot hot girl. Lol. Went to "pregame" We had some other guests at the pregaming event. Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan came along. So me and Jack and Captain hung out heavily with our friend coke. Then Susan came in and she wanted Jack by himself. So we had Jack and chased it with Captain Morgan and Coke. And by this time I could no longer see straight and I really wanted a Hot Pocket. Walking to my room was the hardest thing ever. I did better with my eyes closed. Me and Susan had extremely good seats I-6. We couldn't walk throught the lobby so we got off on 2 and took the steps. We went and got me some chick fil a and somehow I walked to the game. We got there and i couldn't keep my eyes open. I definitely passed out at the Vols Georgia game. I slept the entire 1st half. It was nuts. We were right next to the band and I heard nothing. Apparently 15 people asked was I ok. I woke up and we were getting killed. We were on the jumbotron 3 times though. We went out to Frat Row after that. It was ok. I came in and I talked to Michele the RA on 11 until 5 am. That was nuts.

    Sunday- Got up and went to A dramatic monologue thing with Erica. THen I had alot of HW especially English to do but I can't remember what I was doing. so about 11 Megan and company decided that i need to forget the HW and go to Cotton Eyed Joe's with them. We stayed there until like 230 am. We did really cool line dances and there was a body shots man there. It was the craziest thing i have ever seen. He motioned me over there and he had a cherry and I tried to take it out of his hands but instead he fed it to me. It was nuts. I came home and stayed up til 5 doing hw.

    Monday- Got up in 4 hours and went to boring chemistry lec. Found out in english that a revision to her was an actually rewrite of the entire paper. She's a nut. Went to math and partially understood. Found out we have a quiz wed. That's wonderful. My fall break will be great since i will have my entire suite and possibly the entire floor to myself. Cooool. I had lunch with Luke today. That was fun. He's a cool guy,

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2003-10-14 03:11 (link)
Let's not talk about the Tonic boy...let's keep that on the hush hush

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