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Weed (yogirlweed) wrote,
@ 2003-09-11 20:24:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Daisy Dukes--Unknown

    Today so far has been ok. I had an Anthropology at 8..yuck. Usually it isn't that bad but for some reason today. It was terrible. We had an assignment to turn in and she was like. do u know how to do it? I just gave her my paper. I didn't wanna hear the noise. I went and checked my answers with these other girls and I had all of mine right. Whoop whoop. I came back sitting next to freeloader Molly and this hoe talked on the phone during the first 15 minutes of class. I am like..girl if you don't get off that phone. From what I got, she was talking to her ex-boyfriend out of state and they wer arguing over who does the worst stuff when drunk. I couldn't concentrate I wanted to just put her out of her misery and throw that damn phone against a wall. I just sat there patiently and waited until she got off of the phone. THEN she stopped taking notes I am like..girl u are stupid. We took notes for probably a complete hour and 15 minutes. It was awful. I cam back and took a nice nap. Woke up, went to Shana's room, we got on the bus, and we compared answers about the pre-lab. Me and my official lab partner Allison had a lot of fun doing the lab together. She is pretty cool. I think she is in the loser sorority but she's still cool. We just giggled and messed stuff up and asked our TA for the answers. Cool. I came home and started to finish my English paper and Jordan called and I brought him up to my room and me, him, and my roomie just chit chatted. At 6 I went to the lobby to go to Torch Night which is required by our lil gay scholarship thingy. I went and I walked over there with Stacy and I saw all the other RA's and I was like..well Stacy i'll go seat with my friends. She was like. No. I was like I thought this was like RA VIP. She was like no sit by me I was like ok. So we sat there and laughed at everybody and pointed out the hot guys. The beginning of the program was pretty lame. I was like about to go to sleep but it was ok. Then James McBride got up there and spoke and it was pretty comical. We enjoyed him. The purpose of Torch Night is for the Senior class to pass on the legacy or whatever to the freshman class. It was a candle under every seat and the beginning of the rows started and ironically Stacy asked could she "light my fire" I was like Oh yea! So she was like..Aww I passed the legacy on to u..blah blah blah followed by some more yappy sappy stuff. It was cool. Stacy's got a good heart and that was a really sweet thought of her.. Aww I'm miss her next year. Good Times Good Times Man

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