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Weed (yogirlweed) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 16:03:00
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    Current mood: irate
    Current music:Break Stuff--Limp Bizkit

    Yea so today was horrible, yet funny. I came home and went to my 8 o clock with out a bath. a thank u. I went to my 8 then went to the scholarship class which was ok. We laughed a little and I told them I was on fraternity row and they were like why were u over there. Please. Free refreshments baby. So I leave that class and I go with a girl from my class to Hess to get breakfast, It was soooo good. I might have to stop by there more often. I came home and thought I had a 12:40 so I didn't go to sleep. I got ready and got all the way to the elevator with Haley and I am like wait a minute. I look at my schedule and I really don't have a class til 2:10. dern it. I ruined my nap. I decide that I was gonna use my time wisely and I type my English paper during the day instead of at 2 am. I finish that and I go to class with Shana and we do a little worksheet and leave. I go home and get in the bed and I was having a lovely nap. I woke up about 4:40 something and I was like i'll get up around 5 something. I was in Neverneverland when the loudest noise on EARTH came out of my roof. We were having a fire drill and I was completely out of it. I mean I was so out of it. I woke up and I don't think my body woke up at all. It was like messing with my system. So I grabbed my blankie wrapped it around my body and head and walked down 12 flights of steps. When we got to the bottom I think everyone was just pissed. It was people who had half done hair, wet, robes, and everything. It was crazy. They made u stay outside and this one girl missed her test. My body was just whacked out because my legs kept shaking like I was a deprived crack baby. It was crazy. I couldn't get them to stop. So I sat down outside and I was still sleep and then we had this lice crappy rock band there. That didn't help. When they said we could get back in the building I RAN to the elevator. It was me and some other girls on the 12th floor we refused to wait. Stacy and Lesley (Stacy's like best buddy RA..she's on the 6th floor) guarded the elevator and u could only get on if u were on floors 7 and above. Whoo hoo! I am still discombobulated though.
    The funny part happens now. Maybe I have written about my ideal suite but let me write it again. I have the perfect suite. I mean it's ideal for a MTV series. It would be called Dorm Life or something to that extent. My suite is like a made for tv movie. It consists of 4 complete stranger put into a suite to live together for a year. First comes the cheerleader suitemate, Brittany! rah rah ! who talks to a football player. Then you have Haley our sorority/ hippie girl. Yea AO Pie in the house!! Then we have the country girl from a small town or the prep..Cassie. all she wears is abercrombie and Victoria Secret. Then last but definitely not least. "the token black girl" (thanks Stacy) or the comedian Amber, I guess to really fit in I need to change my name to Quinsha..sound better? Anyway, we all live on the same suite and we have a blast. I mean we have sooo much fun in here. And co-starring our RA Stacy "I would kill to be an AKA" - "I love Alpha parties" - "Don't get too drunk and come in the building acting crazy, and if you see me drunk..take me to the dorm" those are straight from her mouth. lol We have fun. I thought people were lying when they said u meet ur friends for life in college. I was crazy about my high school friends but these people I see everyday 20 hours a day our giving most of my old friends a run for their money, but I'll never forget my high school friends. I loved them man. They were real. So Episode 3 is were we are now. Haley has a mixer with the PONG frat. Apparently it sucks and she comes up here and tells us all about it. She comes in here "shitfaced" as she calls it. She is just loud and is continiously calling my name. She is peeing and she is like AMBER COME HERE! I was like..haley you are peeing. She is very persisent so I walk in the hallway and cover my eyes and she gets up and wraps her arms around me and she is just talking and yapping away then she starts danicg..aka humping me. She humps me for about 2 minutes as I try to get away from her. Then I come back in my room and there she goes calling my name again. She finally is like come here bitch. i am like ok I go in there and she is eating cookie dough and she again starts humping me. And her mouth is wide open and i can just see her spewing cookie dough all over me. So I am like Haley close ur mouth. I blink and the next thing I know she has kissed me on the top of the head and then gave me a raspberry and spit all over my forehead. I am like..Haley get away from me. i go back in the room trying to continue my Mario Party game and I tell her to come in my room because I am tired of getting up. I am like come in here and sit on the bed. oh no. She decides to come and sit in my lap. the dancing continues. I am holding her back so she won't fall out of the chair and she has this bottle of water and I am like.. u will not drink water in my lap because I see her laughing.. She then asks me if I want some. I say no. She doesn't care. She jams the bottle in my mouth and like turns it over. Then she yanks it out. I have water all over my shirt. I was like HALEY! She was like Amber u got water all over my skirt I was like..u dummy. u did that. Her friends are supposed to come so I walk her outside but before we leave she wants to go see X. I am like. ok she bangs on the door and she isn't in there so we take the elevator and i go back to my room. Then i was sitting in her and Brittany's room and X comes to our room. I was like.X u just missed Haley. She is crazy drunk. She is like let's go find her so she runs to her room and gets her flips (flops) and we go to the courtyard. We find her and she like freaks out when she sees stacy. She gives X like a hundred kisses and I am just dying laughing. Then see is pointing out one of the PONG boys and she was like, "They were trying to fan us off when we were dancing like they were (whispers) African American" I am like HAHAHAH u are crazy. She is crazy. I go back to my room and like 5 minutes later Haley comes back and she comes and sits on my bed. She is like Amber I have a surprise for U. I am like what. She then gives me a door deck with Andrea on it. Andrea was her old roomate whom she hated. She stole the girls name off of her door. I was like. HALEY go put this back. She is like. I will I will. whatever..she then went to her room and I think she finally went to sleep. I still don't know what she did with the door deck though..crazy drunks...

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