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<There Is No Happy Here> (yodaps) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 20:15:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:listening to david talk

    *Wild ostrich call*
    Today was pretty radical. I had to work, but it wasn't so bad. Then my mom picked me up con christie and we headed over to downtown to meet up with Ryan. I finally got to see him, I was so happy. Then my mom brought Isaac and Alex and we hung out in front of Jamba Juice for a bit until Ryan's friend had to leave, then we went to Albertsons and got some ball thing, and then we walked to the park. David rode his bike to the park, but of course one of his tires popped, as usual. Anyway, we sat on the swings for a while, and then me and ryan found a new tree which we sat under, while david and alex and isaac like spit on things and jumped out of trees and tried to hide behind bushes. We stayed there for a while and then isaac alex and david started walking to my house, and then me and ryan left like 5 minutes later and we stopped by ryan's grandmas house so he could say hi but david isaac and alex DIDN'T wait for us and went to my house so then my mom called me wondering where I was and she thought I was doing I don't know what (too much damn oprah) and I thought I would be in trouble but I wasn't. Then everyone was at my house for a little bit, and then they left. I'm so happy David can come to the cabin tomorrow! NOYCE! We're picking him and Kathryn up in the morning and then going straight to the cabin, it should be way rad, as long as it's not like storming there. Yup.

    super bored so...PAST

    Last words you said: shut up dweeb
    Last song you sang: history fell in the heart broke open
    Last song stuck in your head: A tale for the ages

    What's in your CD player: Deana carter! hell yeah!
    What color socks are you wearing: WHITE, they RULE.
    What's under your bed: the floor
    What's the weather like: warm I think
    What time did you wake up today: 6 something


    Who do you want to marry: someone I love.
    Are you going to college: I plan to.
    Where do you want to go: Not sure yet.
    What is your career going to be: no idea
    Where are you going to live: wherever I feel like living, maybe southern california.
    How many kids do you want: ehh, I don't like kids much
    Kids' names: rianna (not to be confused with arianna from the loud people) danae, aiden, zane
    Where do you want your honeymoon: Someplace I've never been.
    What kind of car will you have: Who cares as long as there's a CD player.
    Your favorite myth: can't remember.
    Your favorite god: uhh
    Your favorite serial killer: That one Isaac was telling me about they were talking about at the thing yeah ya know with the scary old lady! hah wooooah rambling.
    Your favorite body organ: well...
    Your favorite body part: eyes?
    Your favorite author: hmm..can't say I have one.
    Your favorite obsession: smoochie, and chocolate soymilk.
    Your favorite number: 17
    Your favorite excuse: "My parents won't let me"
    Your favorite emotion: complete happyiness.
    Your favorite drug: caffeine
    Your favorite drink: Chocolate soymilk, and water
    Your favorite place: anywhere with my friends
    Your favorite unattainable object: more smoochies
    Your favorite regret: not telling people how I really feel
    Your favorite thing to hate: 98% of the idiots at college park
    Your favorite paranoia: people talking about me
    Your favorite way to die: unconcious
    Your favorite insecurity: hmm
    Your favorite frustration: not knowing what I want
    I see: the computer
    I need: oxygen
    I find: That there's nothing worse than an angry spaniard.
    I want: to be happy
    I have: to pack
    I wish: People wouldn't try so hard to be like other people.
    I love: friends, family, smoochie, and music
    I hate: being alone
    I miss: When life wasn't so complicated
    I fear: losing people I love
    I feel: tired
    I hear: some show on TV
    I smell: nothing
    I crave: chocolate
    I search: for nothing
    I wonder: If it will be raining tomorrow
    I regret: the stupid things I've done, losing friends

    When was the last time you ...

    Smiled?: earlier
    Laughed?: earlier
    Cried?: hmm, can't remember. A couple weeks ago I think.
    Bought something?: monday I think...
    Danced?: don't know
    Were sarcastic?: like a second ago
    Kissed someone?: today
    Watched your favorite movie?: like a month or two ago
    Had a nightmare?: 4 days sgo

    A Last time for everything ...

    Last book you read: Harry Potter, Order of the pheonix
    Last movie you saw: Pirates of the Caribbean
    Last song you heard: something by Hot Cross
    Last thing you had to drink: Water
    Last time you showered: this morning
    Last thing you ate: TOFU!

    Do You ...

    Smoke?: no
    Do drugs?: no
    Sleep with stuffed animals?: not usually, but my damn thong eating dog usually takes up half the bed.
    Live in the moment?: I try to
    Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope
    Have a dream that keeps coming back?: Nope
    Play an instrument?: yes
    Believe there is life on other planets?: yeah
    Remember your first love?: "Never been 'in love'" ditto
    Still love him/her?: ....
    Read the newspaper?: sometimes
    Have any gay or lesbian friends?: I'm not sure.
    Believe in miracles?: I suppose
    Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: Of course.
    Consider yourself tolerant of others?: Depends on my mood.
    Consider love a mistake?: never
    Like the taste of alcohol?: no
    Have a favorite candy?: twix
    Believe in astrology?: no
    Believe in magic?: if the connection's magic, then yes.
    Believe in God?: yeah
    Pray?: yeah
    Go to church?: not really anymore
    Have any secrets?: duh
    Have any pets: of course, SMOOCHIE, and max <33333
    Do well in school?: Yup
    Go to or plan to go to college?: Yes
    Have a major?: not yet
    Talk to strangers who instant message you?: Yeah sometimes
    Wear hats?: no
    Have any piercings?: not anymore
    Have any tattoos?: nope
    Hate yourself?: Nah
    Have an obsession?: listening to music?
    Have a secret crush?: not a secret
    Do they know yet?: ...
    Collect anything?: dust on my fan...
    Have a best friend?: more than one
    Wish on stars?: no
    Like your handwriting?: nooo
    Have any bad habits?: Yes I guess
    Care about looks?: ehh
    Boy/girlfriend's looks?: no
    Friends and other people?: No
    Believe in witches?: I believe in people that think they are witches
    Believe in Satan?: nah
    Believe in ghosts?: YES

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2003-07-24 10:53 (link)
Your favorite regret: not telling people how I really feel

Kissed someone?: today
FUCKER! alex and i were on u motheruckers and w never saw ne kissing@!!! but alex isaac and i r getting better at spying! NOYCE! TAHOE TODAY FUCKER!!!!!

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2003-07-24 13:13 (link)
HAH SUCKER! Guess you're not that great of spies.

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