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<There Is No Happy Here> (yodaps) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 00:27:00
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    Current mood:alive
    Current music:Destroy All Monsters-I Hate Myself

    So today was pretty neato. Actually slept in for like one of the few times in my life. Till 11 something. Yup, made christie proud. Then I layed around in bed for a while listening to music. Then my mom came in and like sat in my room asking me what I was doing, and other equally dumb questions, and I was getting annoyed. Finally she left and I continued doing nothing. Then she came back in my room at like 2 something, and forced me to come out to eat something. So I did, and then I went back in my room and layed in bed, until Isaac called me and asked me to go to Q zar with him and Borja. So I took a quick shower and was getting ready, when again my mom comes in my room and sits on my bed and starts asking dumb questions. GRRR. So then of course the whole crew has to follow her in, and my sister practically lays across my floor and I got really pissed off, but they finally left and then Isaac came and picked me up and we went to Q zar.
    It was so lame there, it was like overflowing with wannabe ghetto 10 year olds, and we really didn't want to be there. We walked over to baskin robins and got some stuff, and there were some scary people there we thought we were gonna get shot or something, and then we sat on a bench in the park until we heard some guy tell a lady to give him all her money, so we left there and went back to Q zar because Isaac and promised Borja a game of lazer tag since they don't have that in Spain.
    I didn't feel like wasting $7 to play with like no one so I sat by myself while they played and then he called his dad to pick us up.
    When his dad came his grandma was in the car and she like wanted to "have breakfast" so we went to Lyons. I drank water. Isaac's dad is SOO funny. He told us some story about his first date (poor girl) and about when he was a hippie, and the AFTER SCHOOL KNIFE FIGHT!
    Then me Isaac and Borja walked next door to downtown and walked around a bit, then walked to the park, then went home. It was pretty fun.
    Now I'm here.
    Omg I love corey he's so funny.
    PaintballCorey (12:36:15 AM): DO YOU SLEEP WITH A MASK ON
    climxofthevirus3 (12:36:31 AM): YUP
    PaintballCorey (12:37:52 AM): ROFLMFAO
    climxofthevirus3 (12:38:37 AM): WHAT?!?!?!!?
    PaintballCorey (12:38:44 AM): that is funny
    PaintballCorey (12:38:51 AM): wtf.... dont u get scared
    climxofthevirus3 (12:39:42 AM): WHY WOULD I GET SCARED?
    PaintballCorey (12:39:54 AM): cause
    PaintballCorey (12:40:08 AM): anyone can crawl through your window and scare you
    PaintballCorey (12:40:12 AM): cause u wouldnt see them
    climxofthevirus3 (12:40:24 AM): COREY I LIVE ON THE SECOND STORY
    PaintballCorey (12:40:29 AM): so
    climxofthevirus3 (12:40:30 AM): and if I'm asleep I wouldn't see them anyway!
    PaintballCorey (12:40:32 AM): a ladder
    PaintballCorey (12:40:36 AM): or chinese acrobats
    climxofthevirus3 (12:40:52 AM): LMFAO
    PaintballCorey (12:41:01 AM): no but seriously
    PaintballCorey (12:41:07 AM): they can sneak up the stairs
    climxofthevirus3 (12:41:16 AM): COREY
    PaintballCorey (12:41:19 AM): and chinese acrobats can just jump through the window
    climxofthevirus3 (12:41:24 AM): IF I WAS ASLEEP I WOULDN'T NOTICE ANWAY!
    PaintballCorey (12:41:36 AM): u can open your eyes
    climxofthevirus3 (12:41:58 AM): I CAN MOVE THE MASK
    climxofthevirus3 (12:42:01 AM): IT'S NOT LIKE SUPERGLUED
    PaintballCorey (12:42:06 AM): but
    PaintballCorey (12:42:09 AM): not as fast
    PaintballCorey (12:42:16 AM): seriously ppl are fast
    climxofthevirus3 (12:42:25 AM): LOL
    PaintballCorey (12:43:43 AM): what
    PaintballCorey (12:44:00 AM): especially with your dad in the mafia your at extra high risk
    PaintballCorey (12:44:07 AM): like "LEVEL RED"
    PaintballCorey (12:44:10 AM): DEFCON 4
    Dude corey we're chillin soon. Gonna make the yoga video.
    PaintballCorey (12:49:31 AM): sick
    PaintballCorey (12:49:37 AM): i forgot about the yoga video
    climxofthevirus3 (12:49:40 AM): hahaha
    PaintballCorey (12:49:43 AM): we have to make it
    climxofthevirus3 (12:49:48 AM): HELL YEAH
    PaintballCorey (12:51:45 AM): NOYCE
    PaintballCorey (12:51:55 AM): i have the yoga video in my desk
    PaintballCorey (12:52:01 AM): im looking at is right now
    PaintballCorey (12:52:05 AM): LMAO
    climxofthevirus3 (12:52:05 AM): LOL
    PaintballCorey (12:52:14 AM): its purple hahahahah
    PaintballCorey (12:52:30 AM): and like has violets and daffodils and sunshine all over it
    climxofthevirus3 (12:52:38 AM): LOL
    Well anyway, I'm out mates.

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