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<There Is No Happy Here> (yodaps) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 19:32:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Blues Clues on in the backround.

    Like the three amigos, but dos.
    Today was pretty swell. Um school wasn't all that great but it wasn't bad. English, not too exciting, Mrs.Knorpp is crazy but she's awesome. Bio test, not too hard except the essay part I think I did wrong but oh well. Then into my new spanish class-the Atkinator all over again. At least that's what it appeared like. She like left me to die and didn't tell me what we were even doing, but luckily Alison came and sat behind me and we did our little coloring pictures thing (see, atkinator style) and then the freaking POLL about whose was the best (LAME) and yeah I miss Littig's class just because I was really learning stuff, but I have the homework done for the next few sections at least.But now I have another class with Alison, and one with Corey which is cool. Anyway, then me and Christie walked to her house after school and chilled for a bit, and then Isaac came over and joined us. We took like a million pics of Christie and me and Isaac "played" the drums and the WM was on. Then we all walked over to Isaac's (or should I say Isaac rode his WW2 vehicle) and chilled over there, ordered a couple pizzas (AND BREADSTICKS) and yeah. Olivia made us some interesting oreo smoothie things...and I played with the cat! And I held the bird until I accidently petted it and it flipped out. Yes that was our adventure for the day.
    I'm trying to get my mom to pick me up before 6th period tomorrow because it's going to be fucking hot and I hate PE, but I doubt she will. Tomorrow me and christie are probably going to ARF for the cat socializing, and then the Walnut Festival or something. Yah, The End.

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