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Heather (yellowflmngo15) wrote,
@ 2004-01-31 22:27:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:The Starting Line- Best of Me

    Things are looking up........
    Well today things went better, I think in my opinion. Things coudl be better but I'm not complaining. I'm still living and I still have friends! I have the two bestest friends in the whole world. They are so completely awesome. Britain I love you so much......thanks for being here. Anyways, I woke up at ten minutes to noon, which was great. I just hung out until I had to go to town, then I came back home and go on the internet, nothing too exciting there. But I went to softball and things started good then they went down hill. I almost got pounded in the head with a softball from one of our best pitchers, thank gosh she stopped her motions before she let go. And then my hitting got worser then at the end it got better. And I pitched and my balls always are going high, my release point is off and i'm hooking my arm to the right. Bah. Anyways, I finally got home, and my back started hurting and then my head hurts. Well my day wasn't completely great but atleast I got through th day without feeling sad, depressed, unloved or unwanted. And I didn't even think about a guy, until just now when I thought about what to write. I think I am moving on from my past heartbreak pretty well. Although I don't wanna but I gotta b.c well that's life and that's how things go. And if he turned out to like me again I couldn't allow it to happen b.c that means I am second best and I don't really believe in second chances on this kinda stuff. I figure he had his chance, he risked it. I did what I thought was right and if he can't trust me over one thing then I'm not attempting to change his mind. I might be jealous as hell but I will get over that. It will be over soon enough. My luck isn't getting any better though. This guy I know just about messed up my cousin but he refrained but I wish he would have only because my cousin pushes me and shit, and that gets annoying so I wanted to have someone to get the job done. If no1 gets it done then I guess I will have to step up to the plate and I will have to show him to respect girls, especially his cousin. My dad's wanted to mess him up before just becuase he back talked.....but no one ever follows through dammit.. Ah oh well his times coming. Just like everyone else's, something is giong to happen to someone one day. Well with that over, I am feeling much better since I said all of that. And I'm so greatful for friends b.c not a lot of people have great friends like mine. All I can say these will never leave me, and if I only have 3 friends I'm good. I only need Britain, Ashley and God..they will never leave me....I love them all so much well I think this is enough for someone to bye bye all

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2004-01-31 22:52 (link)
Well here i am again . .ha .. HORRAY FOR HEATHER! .. i dont know what coleman is thinking . but to bad 4 him .. ahh heather u are so amazing .. . im so glad that matt introduced us .. ahh what love .. . u r one of the bestest .. and i will thank God everyday 4 u . .cuz u are def a blessing in my life .. i love ya (which im sure uve figured out by now) and im glad ur movin on from depression .. cuz its the way to go!
once again . .ur Brit

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I agree
2004-02-01 02:40 (link)
I'd try and cheer you up now, but I dont really have anything happy to write. But I must agree with you when you said you dont believe in second chances. I too think they are far and few. I guess it is just best to move on and try and let go as hard as we all know that is.

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2004-02-01 11:27 (link)
Yeah that's right, I'm the one who introduced you. Do I ever hear a thank you? You tell me. You guys would never have met if it weren't for me.

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