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Josh (yehoshua4jc) wrote,
@ 2005-01-05 22:59:00
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    So, Andrew's alarm mysteriously didn't go off, and his roommate mysteriously turned the ringer off on his phone. Which, he called me last night to tell me. Ah, his last week at FedEx is going to be a fun one. Then, in a week or two, I get my Rookie to beat around. Woo hoo! Still need to find that second job. In theory I'm going back to the Bell, but we'll see. Maybe I'll go to the OCB. Gotta think hard about this. I would much rather prefer a job in Sales, but this is probably the best I'll do for awhile. Gotta aim low, then meet your life goals eventually, right?

    This apartment is officially nerd heaven. It's one massive LAN party. Alot of gaming going on here. It's quite alot of fun. Also, all this talk of upgrading our computers. Makes for alot of fun.

    Nathan got four new tires on his car. No more slipping all over the road for me. In fact, it was snowy, and people were doing 45 on the Highway. Hell ya I was doing 65. Oh yea. Go go gadget speed limit. Ta.


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