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GANGSTAAAA (yearning4you) wrote,
@ 2004-03-10 16:40:00
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    Current mood: anxious

    for real
    hey everyone!! i havet updated in a little while. but ill recap kid!

    my birthday was the best ever!! i cant even say how much and how great it was. everyone made it soo sepcial. i love my friends soo much. i wouldnt trade any of them for anything else. errr it was soo great. we just hung out and like beat the shit out of eachother and ate cake and pizza and everything. saul beat me in cake eating!! lol that was soo funny!! dont belive me? shoot look at this!

    haha but anyways!! ya and we played twister and stuff!!

    then sunday!! me and jessy and kelly all went to the mall and just hung out and had some great bonding time. "can i put dis in yo hurr" hahaha that was soo funny!!!

    other than that monday and tuesday have been the same.

    today i got my new computer desk soo i am puttin the computer in my room because we got a new one the other day. im excited. yipiee!!

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woo girl. you make my day.
2004-03-10 20:01 (link)
ha. did you notice you put this entry in twice? cute cute.

nice pictures. ha. did you know you had cake on your face??

lol. sounds [and looks] like you had a great birthday.

have a good night girl!

ttyl. Sarah liz.

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