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GANGSTAAAA (yearning4you) wrote,
@ 2004-03-26 17:01:00
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    Current mood: crazy

    gosh hes soo hot!!!
    hey everyone!!!! my day started offf realllyyyyy bad! i was soo pissed off this morning but me and that person got things worked out. and i dunno if i solved anything. but w/e! but it got better because kerianne told me that someone at farm fresh likes me but she didnt know the name. she said andy told her and she told me. i wanna know who it is. blaaaahhh! anywho! i worked yesterday! it was great!!! lol. i learned to clean bathrooms. but since i have ronnie who loves me ohhhh so much! he did them for me! shhhh. we had a nice talk, hes a great kid! and then i got off early so i bought some food. i got a 2 liter of root beer and a jar a little pickles. then i sat outside and talked to michael. lol. ya this guy hit on me and it was defianlly weird. his pickup line : wow you have red hair!!! hahahaha that was funny! pshh. so ya now im siitting here, jessy is spending the night 2nite. we are gonna go pick her up in a little. i duno what were gonna do. but we will find something! soooo ill talk to you later kids! byeee!!

    xo danielle

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2004-03-28 21:46 (link)
whos hott??


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