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GANGSTAAAA (yearning4you) wrote,
@ 2004-03-23 21:48:00
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    Current mood: loved

    your an asshole -i hope you know who u are biotch!!
    today was FANTASTIC!!
    work was great!
    i love the people i work with.
    and i learned that vanilla milk that looks really nasty has 1000 calories...
    and that michael drinks it and doesnt get fat! lol
    this weekend im going to the movies with jeff and jessy and whoever i decided to bring
    they are gonna be a lucky person!
    for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MY LIFE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol hey!
    what did the 5 fingers say to the face?
    im rick james BITCH!!
    im hyper!
    i drank a whole 2 liter of orange soda!
    leave it for me gangsta!

    xo danielle

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2004-03-23 22:17 (link)
woop for good work days and life being a bitch.

[xo] Sarah

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2004-03-24 17:36 (link)
you ugly, and that pic is haggar!

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immature ass wipe
2004-03-24 21:10 (link)
you stupid god damn whore!!! you wish you thought i was ugly! you stupid skank! do you not have a life. get a life!!! i know im not ugly soo boo ya! stupid immature fagot!!

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2004-03-24 21:19 (link)
ha. you do realize that by commenting on Danielles looks, you infer to others that you yourself are uncomfortable with yours, dont you? or maybe someone as horribly poor witted as yourself feels the need to comment where your comments arent wanted and just pull other people down to your level. hm? eh. well maybe its both. but let me tell you. bitch. that we dont fight on your level. walk up a couple flights of stairs and if you arent winded from the long journey up, we'll fight on my terms. at my level.

have a goodnight.


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2004-03-24 21:27 (link)
damn right!!! its great i have people that actually understand! stupid people!! i luv you girl! thanks babes!

xo me

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