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GANGSTAAAA (yearning4you) wrote,
@ 2004-03-21 17:01:00
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    Current mood: hot

    first day of work! farm fresh baby!
    hey everyone!!! today was my first day at work! 10-4 baby! haha it was cool. sorry kyle you dont get the " I HATE IT YOU WERE RIGHT KYLE IS THE SMARTEST KID ALIVE" no no thats not true right now. it wasnt bad. i didnt hate it. i did hate one thing. my feet are killing me! ehhh. but i only got one 15 min break. it was cool tho everyone was nice. it was funny because the other night when i went out with jessy and kristen, we went to mcdonalds and i was like telling this guy he was hot and stuff, i dunno i was soo messed up, i was soo hyper! but ya all this stuff and come to find out he works with me. it was grreat he rememberd. hes a cool kid! ya hes hot! lol :-p But i told you jes that i had seen him before, i knew he worked there. anywho. so now im relaxing. waiting for my dear kyle to get back to i cant tell him about my first day. yay! i think im going out with kristen 2nite after dinner. soo ya thats all.

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2004-03-21 21:46 (link)
woot for the first day of work.

hope it knocked your socks off.

[x/o] Sarah

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