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GANGSTAAAA (yearning4you) wrote,
@ 2004-03-20 20:54:00
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    Current mood: productive
    Current music:John Mayer!

    hey everyone!!
    im bored!
    sure am!
    well last night was fun.
    hung out with my girlies!
    kristen and jessy.
    we went to the bowling alley.
    saw my hunk joe!
    lol sarah he is soo hot!
    i wish i was as good as friends with him as you are.
    lucky dogg you!
    but then we hung out with my sweetheart.
    and we came back to my house.
    took some crazy pics!
    i think im gona put some up here.
    the ones of me are super stupid.
    but i was soo hyper.
    and so was jessy!!
    hahaha pokie bra!
    well have fun!

    -----me being a goof------

    ------me being a really big goof------

    -----boy was a hmm "hyper" this night-------

    ------jessy wishes she was that sober LOL girl------

    ------chaaaa i dont remember-------

    ----these are all jumbled up from like night and day and this is a funny ass pic!----

    -----ya like this is kristen and jessy ..and this is a night pic----

    -------then theres me and a next day picture----

    -------and then theres day one again and me and my dog-----

    --------to tell you the damn honest truth.... i made this!! yes i did! thats jessy and the guy she likes jeff! hes at my bday party and her pic was some random day at my house...prolly dont remember..---------

    -----phhh ur not blind.....that hand....on jessys tush!!! good tmes!------

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well. you ABSOLUTELY rock because your listening to my LOVELYutterlyGORGEROUS john mayer!
2004-03-21 09:15 (link)
last picture doesnt show.
jeffs in my mathanalysis class.
the pics are hott.

[saw my hunk joe!
lol sarah he is soo hot!
i wish i was as good as friends with him as you are.
lucky dogg you!

1. this boys mine.
[j slash k]
2. he is incredibly adorable.
3. good friends? ha. is it bad to miss someone when they havent even gone anywhere?
cause i miss this boy so damn much. you have no clue.. :(
4. my luck turns off an on. [psh. i gotta find out whos working the switch!]

other than that. hm. i havent seen the bowling alley in AGES! i need to go.
ha. our city is sad.
[hello welcome to chesapeake. we take long walks on our beaches and on weeknights hang out at the local bowling alley!!! YES!]


[xo] Sarah

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