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GANGSTAAAA (yearning4you) wrote,
@ 2004-03-19 17:59:00
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    Current mood: rejuvenated

    and when the stars fall, i will lie away.......your my shooting star
    ehh today was ok.
    i dont really have anything to say about it.
    but i do wanna say something:

    tommy im sorry.
    you know i care about you a trillion billion!!
    you have always always been there for me.
    no matter if im a bitch from a bad day.
    or hyper
    or sad
    or confused.
    and i never meant to hurt you.
    i dont want you to be sad.
    because maybe something in the future will happen.
    but right now i wanna be good friend.
    you know no matter what
    ill luv you darlin!

    aight well i had to get that out.
    hmm jessy is coming over 2nite.
    then kristen is.
    and were gonna hopfully go to the mall.
    i wanna see my kasey baby.
    but i dunno if thats gonna happen.
    i know he really wnats to see me.
    so that makes me happy.
    and wanna make me see him even more!
    cant wait till i get my lisence.
    we be hittin the parties kasey!
    lol right?
    but anyways soo thats wuts shakin 2nite.
    kelly is off with her bf.
    what a good kid.
    just saddens me that we are gonna grow apart over a guy.
    i guess no matter what.
    we will always be bff's.
    but guys just wreck things.
    but its alllllll good!
    im in a good mood now!
    soo leave me a comment if ya want.
    even tho my restaino is the only one that ever does!
    U ROCK SARAH!!!!


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2004-03-19 21:42 (link)
woo. sarah rocks. who rocks?? sarah!!

and... danielle!

ah. boys do wreck everything.. tsk.

glad your in a good mood!!

have a good weekend!

[xo] Sarah

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