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yeah... no (yeahno) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 14:06:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:Britney Spears- Oops! I Did It Again

    random babble... labored breathing
    I have a decrepid man-hand that's taking over my left hand. A stupid guy called this morning asking about chinchillas at 7 in the morning. Anyway, I was choking on tooth paste, and blood started oozing out because he called while I was brushing my teeth- in my sleep. I started making hissing sounds at him. He sounded very interested in the chinchillas' death rate. Anyway, crusty lips approached me from across the coutyard with her stupid bulbous head and damn crusty lips. But anyway, she was sporting a new hideous bowl-cut for a giant tumor encrusted big bulbous head. She lives in the sewer. She's hideous. She asked me to hold the doors open for her... stupid bitch. I hope she dies a horrible death. Oh yeah, she showed me a picture of her boyfriend who apparently was alive in the 50s. That's all

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2003-09-10 16:08 (link)
I love you, William. Your humor is in a class of its own. I can see why Crusty Lips adores you so much... hehe

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2003-09-10 19:02 (link)
That's the single most offensive paragraph-long story I've ever read in my life. Well... actually, there are a few that may be comparable. But anyway, I love it.

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i miss school
2003-09-19 18:16 (link)
i miss school . i miss seeing my friends all the time hey i;ll beat up crusty lips for you. i just put on gloves first. im glad we hung out thursday night i have a lot of fun hanging out with my real friends i m lucky i have friends like you. hey whens the next party. i'll supply the booze. i think i m having a painting party for my room when ever it gets done your invited. ttyl.

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