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Mei Yanohi (yaoitastic) wrote,
@ 2004-04-08 08:20:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:somebody else's music in the puter lab

    She's going to Wittenburg.


    She's not going away.

    She's still going to be close. Around the band all the time. Around the school all the time. Around Jack all the time. Why can't she just go away? Why can't she just go far, far away forever? Why can't I never have to see her again? Why is it that *I* have to spend all this time getting over her, and she never *ever* had to? She was over me before we were even together.

    I know you are all sick of hearing about this. I am so pathetic. I mean...on the whole I'm not...I'm a very awesome person...But when it comes to this, Jesus Christ I just need to let it go. Believe me, I don't love her at all any more...I find her a disgusting human being (funny how love can blind you and make you desperate),'s just thinking of how she lied to me and betrayed me and how she treated me like dirt almost every day...thinking about all the people she's going to hurt again...I don't know. It just hurts sometimes. I've been so happy all week and I thought I was doing so well and now she's going to Wittenburg.

    Why can't she just go away.

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2004-05-08 03:33 (link)
the closer you are to danger, the farther away your are from harm, or at least thats what Pippin said. And Pippin ruled..... what were we talking about again?

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2004-05-12 14:29 (link)
Pippin did rule. He also sang very nicely. Pippin da hobbit, man. I think I was talking about Allie sucking.

Eh, Pippin's better anyway. o_Oa

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