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Cliona O'Riley (xzombie_girlx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 01:38:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:the Juliana Theory [x] Pictures, Stars, and Dreams

    Damnable A/C
    hello all *waves* (sigh) making friends is harder than I thought it would be *makes sleepy face* everybody's got their clicks and all...its hard to make friends. Hopefully I will though...i'm determined *roars* today i had to wait an HOUR in the blazing code red sun for the stupid omnilink bus...but then I met my mom at the mall. I saw the scariest shirt at one of the stores she went into. It was a white wifebeater that said punk rock with pictures of the sex pistols and safety pins and anarchy in it. And it came...with a tie...blah! I rolled out of that store...i sure did! then we had ruby tuesdays...twas okay. then bought circus magazine. there was an article about GC and they spelled benji's name Benjji. Silly folks. And it wasn't just once. Oh no. It was throughout the whole article. Luckily they weren't bashing GC. that made me happy. God this stupid A/C is broken. blech. I wish I had Paul still. I miss him so so much (sigh) He's an awesome friend and a great guy...but he always gets hurt by people. I love him so much but his dad won't let me see him because of his own fabricated preconceptions. *sighs* sadness. I wish I could find my Boxcar CD so I could cry to it...i need emotional ventage. Or my mest...return to self-loathing. go jere! (sigh again) well i'm out lads and lassies. feel free to hit me up *makes kissy face*

    \m/(-_-)\m/ rock on!


    P.S. I think I have a crush! but i'm not quite sure yet...hum...

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2003-06-26 13:25 (link)
You'll do fine. I'd say give it a week and you'll have your own cool circle of friends. I don't think people are as "cliquey" as they are settled in... You'll be in bunny slippers and your pjs at a girls night in no time.

((Psst: We don't use "rawr" here... *smiles*))

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2003-06-26 13:28 (link)
oh alright (hehe) that's just how i always spelled it...kinda like a sound effect :o) didn't realize it fit into the teenie talk rule *smiles* sorry about that :D


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