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cunt (xxxxx09) wrote,
@ 2011-01-19 12:56:00
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    dear self,

    you suck.

    love, me

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2011-05-10 04:43 (link)
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2011-05-11 08:57 (link)
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2011-05-16 23:32 (link)

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2011-06-16 22:01 (link)

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2011-08-05 12:01 (link)
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2012-12-07 06:33 (link)
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2012-12-07 06:34 (link)
At present, participating in a party is very popular in the city. More and more people believed that taking part in a party is kind of fashion and make their lives more Elegant Evening Dresses. During the summer, the summer parties is the focus of those party lovers. But have you ever considered what to wear for you special summer parties. In the summer, the temperature is hot and you have to think before hand when you go for a party.

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You have to look around many stores. East meet west dress is quite popular at this moment, the world is getting smaller in many areas. In the clothing industry, the west and east is choosing the clothes that best meet their Junior Bridesmaid Dresses. Sometimes, the east will dress like the west, in other times, the west will want to wear what the east would like to wear. There are plenty of East meets West “fusion” brands that help you stay cool in the blistering heat. Long, loose-cut pants that taper at the cuff are figure-flattering. Elizabeth Hurley and Juliet Dunn kaftans look great with white trousers. Labels such as Antik Batik, Dosa, By Walis, Taj and Pleats Please are timelessly trendy. “Summer’s trend for evening dresses has been a godsend for glamorous evening events – everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jessica Alba is wearing them,” says Jane Bruton, editor-in-chief of Grazia. “What’s great about maxis is they deftly walk the line between Pass Wedding and relaxed. I wear mine with flat, jewelled sandals, oversized earrings and a simple clutch.” Hence, you should choose a party dress best fit for summer party.

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