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Natalie (xxxgirlscoutxxx) wrote,
@ 2004-01-14 18:21:00
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    Current mood:exhausted
    Current music:My Ruin ~*~ Preacher ... fucking rocks :)

    ~*~ Reading Bikini Kill Biography..... || REBEL GIRL !?!?! ~*~
    hey, nothing much happened lately...... im not seeing Marty anymore which would be the only thing........oh i learned how to play Girlscout & Lollierot by Jack Off Jill on my guitar........ and i learned Dismantle Me by the Distilers

    Well i thought i would update this before i go sking (on Saturday) ....... well anyway i had the weirdest dream .. and made up a song about it ...anyway here it is and tell me what you think.......

    Ringing to death
    I love you so
    A hear it fall
    your dead i know
    hear the screams
    they disturb me so
    with the voice of you in my head

    your funeral
    i watch
    as you go
    to your pit
    in which my love
    is where it put
    with the voice of you in my head

    i sit in the arms
    of another love
    he goes
    i pull while
    you watch above
    i feel it leave
    your endless love
    with the voice of you in my head

    i return to the place
    where i can feel free
    i rite a note
    where i want to be
    she finds me there
    with death in my eyes
    now I have you in my arms

    Well anyway comment on it .....

    Natalie xxx

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