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AleX (xxxfrequency) wrote,
@ 2003-09-29 20:28:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:Brujeria "Chinga Tu Madre"

    In The House, In a Heartbeat
    The freshman at the school are so fucking LAME, this person shall remain nameless but one of them was like im mostly white, but my step dads latin which makes me a little bit (not related by blood!) and she goes "yeah, i can speak a little but of Mexican to. god, people ALWAYS get this wrong, first i'm not mexican, but latin, and mexican and latin are not the same fucking thing (if you believe that, then youre a moron) its like saying that Chinese and Japanese are the same thing and its speaking SPANISH not mexican...jesusgodfuck..

    The weather has been getting alot colder lately, yay! i'm sick of this heat.
    The weeken went by really slow which is usually a good thing, i had to stay home to make up my groundation, but its ok, i like my room, i can entertain myself for a long time (not the way youre thinking of you silly dingleberry)

    I've been feeling sick lately, im not hungry anymore, but after a while, i feel so hungry that im gonna throw up.
    People told me before i have a barfing problem, its not like i do it everyweek, or everyday but still, theres nothing wrong with my system, like you care anyways..

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