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AleX (xxxfrequency) wrote,
@ 2003-09-08 17:44:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:Korn "Porno Creep"

    I'd Kill Myself to Make Everybody Pay
    Its been a while since i've updated. Busy with school and work and such but its all good. Well i started school again about 2 weeks ago, so far its ok since i know alot of people from last year.
    I'm just sitting here bored,with a fat ass headache.

    Yesterday I hung out with John, Xander, Anthony R, and Anthony we just discussed some priorities we have yet to accomplish. We rode our scooters near the Skyline County Prison, on a dog trail. I bet alot of people walk their dogs and get a nice view down there ^_^.

    Stupid Hot Topic, fuckin cheap bastards. Last week i bought a Misfits shirt and got alot of flak from josh and ash, "everyone has that shirt!!" then a few hours later i went to FyE music and saw an Aphex Twin CD i wanted REALLY bad, and i need to return the money from the shirt to get the CD, so i go there and ask if i can return it and they say "ooh Are you Sure!!! Do you really want to do this!! You cant return it and get money, you only get store credits! JUST KIDDING!!" so they can tell by my facial expressions and my voice that i seriously want to return it and get my money back, then some lady who works there is giving me attitude and tells me some stuff about never to come back and saying she's kidding. Then I FINALLY get my money back after a 10 minute hassle. God those poor cheapskates only get about $700+ in sales a day, and charge $20 on shirts and $60 on pants, OH NO!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! heheheh

    Then last saturday and this past saturday i went to kristinas with ash and josh, we were on the trampoline for a while, then i figured out how to do a flip so these past 2 weeks i've been flipping everywhere. But of course i have to stop on the trampoline when ash is giving josh ANOTHER ~grumble *B.J.!* grumble *cough*

    I seriously need a job somewhere, to get money and such. But places around here dont regularly hire 15 yr olds. People keep telling me to work at Hot Topic, woop-dee-fuckin-doo! I want to get a job like at a CD Store or Starbucks. If i do work at Starbucks i have to go to training to mix the right coffee mix, but i'll probably end up messing it up and getting fired.

    Stupid Poseur Freshman...This one guy wears a Misfits shirt one day and the next he wears a Good Charolette shirt, hmm............

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