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Xx.:._Lacey_.:.xX (xxwildxxthingxx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 19:30:00
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    Current mood:bouncy
    Current music:"Baby Boy" -- Beyonce ft. Sean Paul

    Cant Get Much Better Than This!!
    AHH! Best day EVER!! Well school was cool, whatever, i was with greg all day, and hes super-hot, so im not complaining!! lol.. but then once i got home, i started talking to Jess, and we planned out next christmas... lol!! we're going to go on a cruise to the bahama's from Florida at the Disney World Resort!! its going to be so awesome... we already got it all planned! AND JESS BETTER COME!! lmao!! or else i'll have to walk all the way to texas and kick some booty! ahh i was looking at the site, and its so beautiful, and i dont wanna go wit anyone else but her, cuz shes the coolest ever!! i love Jess... **--Jess-- you're always here for me, and i'll always be there for you, becuase thats what sisters are for!! I love you for always, my little chickie b!! --** anyways, im so excited im like bouncing up and down in my chair, cuz i wanna see Jess so bad... i might see her this summer, but i dont know if that'll all work out... i hope so, because we already have a gummy bear party planned!! [[dont ask.. lol]] and if we go on the cruise, we can bring Greg and Jesse, and go through round two of the raping chronicals!! theres always room for more rape!! Well actually, i guess i cant call it rape anymore, since technically you cant rape the willing... ;o) lol, jk jk!! we can be all like "hey guys... we have our own room... its got mickey mouse on the bed sheets... does that turn you on?" rofl... just kiddin !! but anyways, im in the most hyper mood ever, and its such a good change from whats been going on lately!! AHH THANKS JESS! I <3 YOU! ... awesome, AWESOME day! :o) <333 XoXo_Girlie Q --*

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Xo Girlie Q oX
2003-10-15 20:10 (link)
lol wow girl i know ive already posted in my jounral about this but i thought id reply to you just so not only my friends can know this but so can urs lol i discovered that i dont ever have to be upset about ANYTHING any longer because i have you as my have no idea how happy i got today when you told me you didnt want anyone else but me to go on the cruise with you because i want to go SOOOOO bad and that just makes me think its gonna happen even more...i love you girl always and forever and just thought id post muah...xoxoxo...bff...sisters 4 life
Much Luv,
Xo Chickie B Ox

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