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sifdgsarg (anaisalive) wrote in xxthinspiremexx,
@ 2004-05-18 22:33:00
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    yay! this is so great that there has been a new community created! :P
    i know, im a dork.
    im not big on posting stats, but for the sake of following the rules:

    lw: 130?? dunno...
    hw: 155
    short term goal: 130
    long term goal: 115

    soooo anywho, im doin really good right now. ive picked up biking recently. i hear its the next best thing
    to running. plus, its fun!
    not really counting calories, but i know how much i need, wait, will let myself eat. and if its too much,
    i just end up purging.
    so i guess im ana with mia tendancies

    not much else to say right now


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2004-07-07 09:08 (link)
My stats are similiar. I am 5'7 I think I weigh 130 but weighed myself about month ago and weighed almost 120. I would like to be 115. I have no mia tendancies, I just cannot do it... I dont think. I too have picked up biking recently. I try to eat one meal a day and make it fish (proper card deck porportions) with veggies and or a salad. I drink Seltzer with fresh lemon, lots of lemon, all day. I can not eat fine all day, but once night comes and I have to fix dinner for my boyfriend (who only eats organic health food) BUT he has a sweet tooth with DOVE Chocolates. I am unable to control myself and will eat like 5 or 6 and then feel like it destroys my whole days attempt. Thus, the saga continues. I take trimspa (baby) and Pure Hoodia and only play with lax once in awhile. I am struggling though. Feel fat everytime I intake food. I feel like I can look down and see my gut protrude. Some days I could give shit and other days, I am fretting....

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2004-07-07 21:21 (link)
i totally agree. ive been doing so bad the past few months. i think 115 is a good goal. im gonna make that my long term goal too! hehe thanks for posting! if you ever need anything, let me know.

and when you get tempted to eat those chocoloates, remember "nothing tastes as good as thin feels."


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Re: thanks sarah
2004-07-08 12:10 (link)
i guess all I had to do was check my emails and see that people did respond and do care. Thanks for the support and I do need you and I will also be there for you. We can do this and finding someone with similar stats helps keep us in check. come you really think I want you to loose more than me?? We can do this......

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Re: thanks sarah
2004-07-08 12:52 (link)
yeah, youll find in a lot of these ana communities people do care. thats why im here! :D

its a great place to come for help and thinspiration hehe

you can email me at any time. and thanks to you too :D

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