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A Victim of This Damned Life. (xxsoadchickaxx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-19 17:47:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:No Doubt - "I'm Just a Girl".

    This world is forcing me to hold your haaaand....
    Like whoaaaa. The semester is overrr! 18 days of sleeping in. Yummy<3 Yah, I drank so much tea to get rid of this flu that I'm practically pissin therma-flu. I'm feeling better though. Just a dry cough, and the muscles in my stomach are sore from coughing soo much. But other than that I'm good. Got home early cause of finals on Wenesday, Thursday, and Friday. We were dismissed at 11:40, I got home at 12. I was locked out of my house today so I went to Mike's house to call my mom at work. She told me there was a spare key in a shoe outside. Aren't I supposed to know about these things? I live there too damn it! Mike took me to get something to eat. He keeps saying I love you, and I don't know if he's for real. That wouldn't be good if he was serious...I really can't think of him like that anymore. I'm so over him, it's impossible to go back. But that's good right? Helll yah it is. Feels good.

    Last night I went shopping for my buddies. I couldn't tell my mom though cause I'm not allowed to go out cause we got in another fight on Wenesday. Dude, the fight was sooo fucking pointless. I had told my mom me and my sister were going with Paula and Elora to the Dollar Tree and we would be back in 2 hours. So we left at 8, got home exactly 10. What's the problem you ask? My mom and dad fucking yelled at me cause we went to two other stores RIHT BESIDE THE FUCKING DOLLAR STORE. Hallmark, and TJ Maxx. They were all in the same plaza. They were like, "YOU SAID YOU WERE ONLY GOING TO THE DOLLAR STORE." I was like, "I DID BUT THERE WAS NOTHING THERE BUT COLORING BOOKS, CHEAP CRAYONS AND WIG SHAMPOO. THE OTHER TWO STORES WERE RIGHT BESIDE IT IN THE SAME PLAZA!" They were like, "THAT'S NOT WHERE YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING." And anyway, Mrs. Paula took me, and my mom knew that. She was nice enough to take me along. She had to go to Hallmark and TJ Maxx to buy some of the presents she put on hold. I told them that. God they are FUCKING ANNOYING. And my dad took my mom's side cause she was still mad at him from Sunday's fight, and he wanted to score some brownie points. THANKS DAD, YOU JERK. And I was like, "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M HEARING THIS. IS THIS REALLY WHAT'S PISSING YOU OFF? IS THAT I WENT TO A STORE THAT I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS GOING TO? OR ARE YOU TAKING YOUR ANGER OUT ON ME? YOU WANT ME TO STAY HOME, AND SLAVE AT YOUR FEET, AND PLEASE YOU, AND WORSHIP YOU ALL DAY? YOU THINK YOU DID ME SUCH A BIG FAVOR LETTING ME STEP FOOT OUT OF THIS HOUSE? YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW STUPID AND POINTLESS YOUR ARGUMENT IS." My mom was telling me to eat shit in Arabic while I was talking, but I kept going. Then when I was done my dad yelled,"SHUT UP!" And I just layed on my bed and cried for fucking 2 hours because they find the most RETARDED things to yell at me for and punish me, and make sure that my ass is always in the house at all times so I can do things for their lazy asses 24/7. My mom usually works from noon till 6 or 7, and she wakes up at like 9. She doesn't do ANYTHING in the house before or after work. She got used to making it as messy as she can, and leave it to me. Even her room and bathroom and everyone's laundry. I know in our culture the oldest girl does just about everything, but all those girls are miserable. Espically if their parents are dickfaces. And I never get a thank you, and someone bitches about something I did wrong, and I get attacked by my parents about the stupidest shit anyone's ever heard of. Is any of this fair to me? No. But who cares? Not them. It's not even worth doing all the work. Espically when she's always telling people I don't do anything, and I only do little things here and there to make herself look like she's such a great mom doing everything, LIKE SHE'S SUPPOSED TO, but doesn't. God I'm mad now, I'm gunna stop there.

    Amanda's 21st birthday is soon and her and her family are going out to Atlanta to eat at that sushi place we like. Amanda only wanted to bring two people, and she invited me! I felt so special ;D Oh and some girl named Tiffany. I don't know if I'll be able to go considering my mom is a...GRRR. Plus, Amanda called and said her dad might not have the money to take us tonight, so we might have to wait till next week. Sooo, that's what I'll be doing tonight, hopefully.

    Sorry about how all my journals have to have some bitching in it, and a lot of personal stuff, but oh well. This is the only place I can go to let it out and fume. That's why I got it. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, GET OUTTT! Haha.

    I'm thinking about saving my money for a digital camera. Those shits are expensive. The cheapest one I saw was like $85. I want a good one though. The most I'll spend is $250. If anyone knows of any good places with good quality cameras for cheap, comment, pleaseee. Thanks ;D

    I made a 94% on my Physics paper! I'm so awesome. Really.

    Alright, I'm gunna go change and go down to Elora and Amanda's house before my mom gets home. Have a good night everyone <3333

    Pimp bones in mah body. Oooo weee.


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2003-12-21 00:26 (link)
for camera's you have to look around online and stuff...or if u have a comp usa around you...they have some good stuff in there

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