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A Victim of This Damned Life. (xxsoadchickaxx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 11:51:00
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    Current mood: blank

    lol I'm sure no one will read this cause it's really long. Fuckerrrs. Fine, skip RIGHT over it.
    The past couple of days have been craazzyy, and I like it. Our holiday started Tuesday, and ends after Thursday. We were supposed to have school Monday and Tuesday, but I didn't go Tuesday even though I should of. So Tuesday, I got dressed in normal clothes since I didn't have any holiday-looking clothes to wear yet. My dad took us to IHOP, *without my mom cause she was working* and when we pulled into the parking lot, my cousins, and my uncle and his wife *my mom hates my uncle's wife with a passion* and my uncle's wife's sister, and her husband, and their three kids. So we said hey, started talking a little, etc. My sister went with all of them to Malibu to go go karting, and me my bro and dad went inside to eat. Oh dear Lorrrrd, our waiter was so fiiineee, I was having multiple orgasms in my seat. He looked Puerto Rican. Anyway, so after that it was about noon, and we went to the mall which was right next door to get me some clothes. So I got an outfit, and a purse, and shoes, and yadda yadda yaa for like $160 total. That's not bad considering everything I got was good shit. So after we left the mall, we went to my house so I could change and go to my uncle's house (The one we saw earlier who has the wife my mom HATES). When we got there my mom was giving us all this bullshit, trying to piss us off, and telling us to clean right before we were about to leave (because we were going to my uncle's house, and she wasn't gunna go cause she hates his wife, lol. I'm trying not to confuse anyone..) She wanted us to clean cause my cousin and her husband were coming to visit. She's the cousin who's wedding I went to this summer in Ohio. So we finally got to leave, and she stayed home and cleaned. We got back around 11:30PM, and my cousin and her husband were supposed to be at our house around my mom made us clean and she was yelling and screaming at us, and fighting with my dad. She finally went to bed at 1:30AM, and I stayed up for them till 2:30AM. So they came, my dad woke up, we all talked for an hour and went to bed. They got my room, so I slept on my brother's nasty ass floor full of fleas from my cat. So my legs are all itchy and shit. Then last night we went to my uncle's again without my mom (cause she was at work when we left around 5:30) so that my cousin and her husband could go see my uncle, aunt, my aunt's sister and her kids, and our cousins, etc. So the kids, and me watched movies in the den while the adults talked in the living room. I swear every kid wanted to snuggle with me during the movie. I had a little boy under both of my arms, and a little girl in my lap. It was cute though. <333 We watched movies until 8, and everyone decided we wanted to go out and eat. So all 18 of us went out to eat. These racist white fuckers were looking at my aunt and her sister cause they wore those veils over their heads. They made it obvious they were looking too, and he didn't care. He kept doing it to piss them off. And they were trying to walk past him behind his chair, and he wouldn't even scoot up. He was sitting with his hands behind his head, his leg crossed, and his tummy out. So he took up a lot of space, and he wouldn't move for them, so they walked around the other side. What the fuck asshole. So I kept giving them dirty looks not giving a shit if they saw me. I was pointing them out to everyone at our table, I was like, loook he's racist!! It was funny..anyway, so when we were done eating, all 18 of our asses went back to my uncle's house. We stayed there till about 1AM, and went home to my mommm. Me and my cousin woke her up and talked till about 3AM. So yaaah. That was my whole two days. I like when there's a lot of people around, and there's always something to do. I like people not paying any attention to me. I don't know. When there's a lot of people around it's not just about Nora all the time. And they let the little things slide more too. But when there's no one here, they don't. Atleast my mom doesn't. That's why I wanna move into a big ass family where there is always people around.

    Anyway, today is Thanksgiving, and I'm sure my aunt and her husband are going to go to my uncle's house, and my family is staying home since my mom hates my uncle's wife. EVERY YEAR, every single fucking year since I remember, we switched years for Thanksgiving. One year we had to do the dinner, one year my aunt did it, then the next year my mom did it, then the year after that my aunt did it...we invited more we always had like maybe 25-30 people over at Thanksgiving. And since my mom hates everyone, and can't just go because we want her too, it's just going to be the five of us. I think that's fucking selfish though. We were ALL invited to my aunt's but she didn't want to go. She won't even go for us. She just needs to get over herself, for real. It pisses me off. Everyone is going over there but us. AND it's the last day of our holiday today and everyone is celebrating Thanksgving there, and the last day of our holiday. But I'm stuck here, with the psycho. And she's going to pretend like EVERYTHING is okay when it's not. My parents are going to fight since there's no one here. They're going to fight over the past few days. I just don't want to be here this Thanksgiving. I hope everyone else's is real good though. <333333333


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2003-11-27 12:39 (link)
awe...I'm sorry about all that shit...fucking white people sometimes...but I hope you have a good thanksgiving...and if anything you can come up parents wont mind to much...hehe

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