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~*Kc*~ (xxsimplysweetxx) wrote,
@ 2003-07-10 22:10:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Eminem

    zthas Jus Crazi
    Hey ya all wat iz up in tha hiz houze?...well sad 2 say we lost our softball game last night but we had a great vistory 2 night...we won by like 20 points n well we kicked sum major sausage!!!well guess wat, we got yet another game 2morrow night n its jus crazi...i hav muh last day uv baby sitting classes which is good cauze its in tha middle uv tha day which sux cauze muh day is shot, wen i get done i got an our ish until muh softball game, but it is gonna be sad cauze all muh new lil hommies n no more learning...well i hafta get braces:( every1 is all like y u gettin them on so late, n muh answer, we really neva had tha money, it cost as much as car, but its gonna suk cauze im gonna hav them on prob, muh senior year n then in collage n i will neva get a guy now..well i m lookin but i wont ask tha guy, they can ask me, even if they r shy, o well im gonna sulk in muh sorrows,***KC

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