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~*Kc*~ (xxsimplysweetxx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-17 15:25:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Sum41*Still waiting

    Jus Wantin A Guy!
    Ok i kno u all dont wanna hear this cause itz lyke kinda sad, but im jus writin how im feelin...Well i kno that I can be all happi n hav fun without a guy, but theres jus a few guyz that make me smile every tyme I think bout them...I dont wanna mention there names cause then people would b lyke eww this grl iz talkin bout u...Ok well I cant help tha Fact uv wantin more, I m Happi, but itz summer, n wen it getz boring I jus wanna hav sum1 2 talk 2 n ok this iz gonna sound gay, but lyke lean on n be close with...Ok theres 3 guyz I wouldnt mind hookin up wuth or startin a relationship with*Mike, Tom, Marti, Ian* Ok ian is takin but he is so hot, hes got tha surfer guy kinda look 2 him...O well I jus Need Sum1 2 comfort me, wen muh friends rnt around, cause they can b busi with there lives n well Yea, But otha then that Im Acctually pretty happi, I Gotts muh dance recital comin up, n Softball Allstarz, n Tha Shore Trip, but then theres Tha lil thing that I Gotta get braces...Well Im Gonna GO n Eat A Steak Cause Steak Iz Good..Yum yum eat um'**KC

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