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Shleto Mikatosis (xxsillymoonxx) wrote,
@ 2003-07-01 11:50:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Christina Aguilera - dIrTy

    WaNnA gEt DiRtY?!?
    Yeah! me and steph are leavin for TR today! woo woo! we're gonna have the sweetest time ever! Last night we made up a dance to Dirty and it was craaaazzzyy! ... so i just finished packing and i need like 3 bags for all the stuff i wanna bring! haha! we're leavin after cheer tonight... i hope i get to fly today because i really wanted to try yesterday but never got the chance to! it made me sad :( o well its all good! We're not gonna get to TR til like 11:30 but thats when the partay begins! tomorrow me and steph are partying on the lake all day bcuz i've got my BOATING LICENSE! its just gonna be one crazy party! we're gonna come back soooo tan! steph better try wakeboarding and i kno she'll get up! it'll be sweet dawg! I'm gonna try to jump the wake again and this time i'm hoping to land it! that would just be amazing! ahhh i'm just so excited...but also sad at the same time bcuz after today i won't see ryan for 3 1/2 weeks! thats a long ass time! i'm gonna miss him more than anything! can't wait til he comes back on the 25th! well i gotta get ready for the *TR EXPERIENCE* .... i won't be writing again until the 7th!!! TR here i come!!

    ~ Shleto

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ahh! its gonna be soo fun!
2003-07-01 13:53 (link)
omg. i cant even wait ash! TR experience here we come! i just love ya! party party party all nite long baby!

xx stephi

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