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XxlonligirlxX (xxremediexx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-27 11:47:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:The Price is Right theme song..

    not so much...
    Its a really good thing that I am hangin with Katrina today...cuz I just cant take the shit anymore...

    I need to shut myself off from all these pain causing females in my life...

    blow after blow...and I keep coming back for more...

    I need to practice otherwise I'll end up with nothing but 0's for my ensemble ratings...
    how many friends will I make then?
    I wonder if Autumn Leaves is too slow or if I should play something more challenging...right now I am completely undreprepared for this...I am relying on the fact that these are Berklee people and hopefully they can base my ratings on my tone quality and placement of accents rather than on how fast I can play a string of least I'm not going back to high school though...i mean, one thing i can guarantee is that I wont have to copy math problems out of an oversized textbook and attempt to solve them...
    although that would be slightly less nerveracking than this audition...

    my mouth hurts...being done with braces should mean no more pain...this is not fun...and these retainers are too tight...sara said her's were lose but mine are definately tight...they squeeze my gums, which then proceed to bleed profusely causing my retainers fill up with blood...actually it looks kind of cool..I should take a picture...

    yea....practicing needs to happen...

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its ok
2003-09-02 11:37 (link)
Dont worry........things will get better.......

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2003-09-13 21:53 (link)
you should write more in your blurty.

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