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QuEeN bItCh (xxqueenbitchxx) wrote,
@ 2004-07-25 04:51:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:~*~ KeViN lYtTeL- tUrN mE oN~*~

    actually home.... for once o well hopefully not here for long all there is here are greedy potheads who like to keep things from there kids. the one person who actually understands me and i can tell things to is my brother and hes NEVER home it sux sometimes i juss wanna tell my mom and all of my friends i smoke and get it off my chest but im afraid ill loose most of my friends. its almost like im living a double life wit my smokin friends im loud and outgoing and not afraid to do nething wit them and wit my other friends who dont smoke im a lil outgoing and make them think i dont smoke and i juss have a hard life at home wit the pot o god i hope ma gurls dont look at this espically morgan o god y am i writing this i juss wanna go cut so0o bad its not even funny but i have to stay clean from it ive been doing good cuz i havent been home wit these idiots it realy does sux but o well i g2g bobby brought all of his lil friends and a preppy ass bitch who keeps thinkin my dog is "so adoriable" :preppy voice": geeze i hope he bites her....


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