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utterly random (xxnicola) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 17:01:00
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    Current mood: nauseated
    Current music:Further Seems Forever - Just untill sundown

    dirty bitches.
    So whats been happening the last few days??....
    Playing drinking games to the point of vomiting.. mm and i never thought i would get over goon haha..
    Sleeping in Shaynes bed with a sleeping bag cause hes a blanket hog, getting scared because their house is creepy, smoking and drinking to the point where my voice is husky and man like.
    Oh yeah and last night cara, nathan and i went down to south brou cause there was a 'party' on, we get there and im like fuck a few people that to put it nicely really don't like me ( for no reason at all might i add) were there so we left very quickly.. caley called me and we met up with her and sarah. Then we made nathan run back to caras by himself to get the ute cause we didn't feel like walking home..whilst he was absent these butchy dykey chicks started to have a go at us, well in actual fact i guess we kinda started it..haha anyway they followed us around, i briefly lost my phone, then we had a big confrontation with these hoes.. they called us cowards and then one of the crash tackled cara... i would of loved to beat the shit out of them, if i didn't know that we would probably end up dead in the gutter haha.. nathan then turned up in his ute and us four girls managed to get ourselves into the 2 seater ute so we then proceeded to yell out to them.
    The rest of the night cara and i were fuming.. i wish i knew how to fight or i wish that these chicks weren't butch footy players. it also turns out that elise has had a thing with juliette, so juliette messages her and tells her to come over but she said she was "too drunk" and that juliette should come over to abby's cause there was a spare bed there hahahahhaha.

    Mum went out tonight and when she came home she told me that a certain person said to her that i'm turning ana/shaynes/nathans house into a party house and that i've been bringing boys over?!?!?! FUCK OFF the only boy i've brought over was david and yes i may go there a fair bit but i get invited over and they can tell me to fuck off if they like. But im just so sick of people assuming/making shit up! fucking hell get your facts straight before you tell my mum.. haha mum stood up for me though, damn right. Also mums other friends then decided to start having a bitch about my other friends ie, cade and nathan.. firsty these dumb hoes don't even know these awesome guys so they have no fucking right to say any shit about them....

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