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utterly random (xxnicola) wrote,
@ 2003-09-13 15:33:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:Hot Action Cop - Fever For The Flava

    don't waste your won't feel anything.
    I had a very mellow day yesterday.. got up at about 1:30, had a shower and walked with ana over to the newsagency.. We got some lunch mm potato and then mum picked us up and dropped us at anas.
    Ana, me and chris just sat around for a while and ana and i sat out in the pouring rain and had a smoke or 4 haha.. i've been smoking way too much lately..and i've put on so much fucking weight arghhhh......thanks juliette for meantioning that haha well thats what friends are for. Yeah so at ana's we just smoked and drank passion pop, and i was pretty ripped haha... Then we watched a bit of moulin rouge but then i called my dad at about 2ish and he picked me up.
    I got up today at about 1 or so and then juilette came over and we walked down into the bush to have a smoke.. so very seedy.. haha.. then she went up to see her boyfriend.. hmm... uhh... so now i'm sitting here alone bored outta my fucking mind. Tonight better be good, im so keen for a decent party.

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