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utterly random (xxnicola) wrote,
@ 2003-10-29 17:30:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Senses Fail - The Ground Folds

    haha degrassi is discussing hard issues today
    I'm pretty tired hey.....mmmm......went over to anas last night, got pretty damn wasted woooo ... had copious amounts of goon shots, was really foul but yeh good times.
    Even though we had a little crowd over last night Ana, Shayne, Cara, Nathan, Gappsy and David nothing much happened, some nintendo was played, some narkyness and then i passed out in the spare room at like 12 haha. Then a few hours later david came in and woke me up..i got minimal sleep.
    It was so stormy last night/early this morning it was so pro... especially since i didn't have to get up early..haha i ended up getting out of bed at 4ish...said bye to Ana and Shayne and then David drove me home, i got something to eat and called Caley up. I was suppost to be going to her birthday dinner but due to lack of funds i had to cancel..dammit.
    But i'm going to syd on fri so woohooo!!! or maybe Saturday..i don't know when i should go up..dilemma and a half haha..
    so tired.. im going to something...yeh.

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