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utterly random (xxnicola) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 19:43:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:Australian idol on teevee

    was made for me and youuuuuuu
    i am such a dumbarse... i rock up to school... and yeah... i realise that my exams not today its tomorrow...FUCK haha i was fretting so hardcore i thought i missed it or some crap, nup just read the time table wrong..
    So anyway mum came and picked me up and we went and did a shop, i got some hair dye (honeydip?), big ass muthafucka knitting needles and......something else?? i tried on this heaps "sexy" formal dress on in vinnies.. it actually wasn't too bad haha.
    Oh and when i was in Batehaven waiting for mum to pick me up, i was just sitting on this bench bitting my nails when this old lady comes up and says to me fate just doesn't happen love and i'm just like.. what the fuck?? kinda tripped me out a tad... then mad mick came up to me asking for pie money... i haven't seen him for a while i was wondering where he went to..
    So when i got home i went over to anas and she was out formal shopping so shayne and i played nintendo.. i am starting to rock at mario kart racing wooohoo no more shame for me.
    Oh and on the walk home from anas i went and checked out that house i have been obsessed with for some reason or another and everything was covered up with sheets, so i assumed it was a holiday home.. then i saw this chinese language book and thennnnnn i heard some ladys voice.. and she was saying something in chinese... it totally freaked me out considering it was obvious no one was home...
    or maybe it's my playful imagination acting up... who knowssss
    hahahaha i totally bat that new maccas ad....such losers

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