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utterly random (xxnicola) wrote,
@ 2003-10-25 13:39:00
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    Current music:Misfits - Skulls

    its the last thing that we'll *fake scream* sayyyyyyyyy
    haha mmmmm
    seems so far away remember me nowwwwwww

    last night was fair gay we all went down to broulee park, made a fire, burn't school books.. that'll teach wilfred owen!! burn you bastard!!!.. after a while i got pretty bored so did everyone else... nick and that turned up... we went back to caras... then went home at around 11!!! so very sad...
    At Caras place everyone decided to mix noodles, chicken stock and pepper into our goon.. which tasted beyond delicious. Then some of us ventured out to the trampoline and cara and i smacked into each other which was rather painful.. we tried to play the drinking game but some people just couldn't catch on.. how hard are 7 times tables!!?!?
    I got to sleep at around 12ish then i got a phone call at 12:30ish from Jake/Gappsy saying they were in broulee now dammit!! that would have been some mild entertainment if only they came out earlier like we asked..
    Well i guess i better shower if i still plan on going out tonight... down to broulee again... mmm
    Oh Caley and I probably have accomodation for schoolies, we're going to stay at her Grandmas wooo!!
    \m/ peace out muthafuckas

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2003-10-25 03:22 (link)
yeah last night was pretty sucky for us too, tonight should be better! also goon hey, I haven't had that for aaaaaaages... actually I have never bought goon.. I'll be gettin smashed of Jim Beam black tonight.. about $40 a bottle hehe yay! hope ya have fun!

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2003-10-25 22:17 (link)
yeah last night was pretty decent, hope you had fun too... haha goons basically all we drink asides vodka... its just so cheap and plentiful :P

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