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utterly random (xxnicola) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 15:36:00
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    Current mood: quixotic
    Current music:Boy Meets Ground - Two Days Late

    lalalala lalalalal laaaaaaaa.....
    Last night was .........!! I went over to A.S.N's house to pick up the videos i hired out (which i didn't end up doing) then i just stayed and chatted + coughed for a while then we went over to ana's mums new house cause it was chris's b-day dinner.. he's such a nice boy. anyhoo we left their place by 10ish? drove around looking to find umm substances.. then we drove to the club to see if shayne had left his key card their and the convo went something like this..
    "hi umm i was just"
    "sorry we're closed"
    "no i..."
    "sorry buddy i can't let you in"
    "i was just wondering if you could see if my keycard has been handed in"
    "sorry buddy i can't let you in the pokies are open i can't let you in buddy"

    he was probably on speed.. haha well anyway they did have his key card so crisis over.
    After that we went back to anas sat around thinking of things that we could do when i suggested "Lets get really drunk and jump on hedges!!!!"(thanks jaz) haha so we started playing the classic drinking game wooooo but on most cards we got it was just everyone drink!!!!!!!.. haha on basically every shot of goon i had i was dry renching(sp?? haha) so foul... then we called up chey and i made vomiting noises (sorry deary)
    after that i dresses up in one of anas nighties and some pj shorts and we went down to the beach for a nighttime swim! it was pretty damn warm.. and soon after it became more like hey lets swim topless..and so forth...hahah..
    Then we walked home to A.S.Ns ans then ana drink-drove me home. The swim left me freaking itchy as a mofo though.....
    HSC SOOOOOOON neeeeed to studddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s want to make you taller, want to make you small again...
    haha i love this song it's so fucking good. damn them and their snobish behaviour.. nah i'm just bitter.whatever!!!

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