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Benji Madden (xxmademanxx) wrote,
@ 2003-05-31 06:44:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Evanescence - Tourniquet

    Being a dad is great I love my kids...Everything has been going pretty good I guess. There are so many people at our house It's not even funny..Oh and here are the room assignments like I promised for all ya'll that were confused. First Floor, Second Floor well...ther have been a few alterations since then...since my sis move out..the kids are still here but she's staying at the Hanson house. So if you haven't heard it from her...or someone and Brody broke sucks I still love her and everything, but it wouldn't have worked out. I love being a dad it is the greatest thing ever. *holds up Adam for everyone to see* This is be little buddy *grins and points to the baby's runny eyeliner and tiny little spikes with what hair he has* He's gonna be just like me. Ooh and Sarah is gonna let 'em be vegan woohoo! *starts to do the Ghetto Joel dance...remembers he's holding the baby and sits down* Yup things are good...Except for the stupid confusing name thing...I'm still lost on that whole thing.


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2003-05-31 15:53 (link)
dude I want the super bonus room..i'm moving in there

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2003-05-31 18:48 (link)
no dude...thats were the pool table, the foosball table, air hockey table, home theater system and all the gaming stuff can't have it

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this is the older sister
2004-08-23 22:48 (link)
hey what's up? nothing sisters were tellin me about how they "contacted" you and i thought it'd be cool if i did too...I listened to your band when ur first CD was out. You guys are a really good band and i wish you the best of luck with your career. I honestly don't believe them when they say this is really Benji Madden i am writing to because most famous people have a computer or personal secretaries to do all their internet bullshit for them. I dunno it'd be cool if this really was you because i think you're pretty good lookin'. hehe :) well i dunno, hey do me a favor??? if this really isn't some secretary e-mail me here.... If it is some secretary, then just don't even bother....i'm bored as fuck right now. SO yeah. Let's see i'm 16 i'm like 5'3" red hair...i don't know what else to say so i'm dumbfoundly saying whatever pops in my head. Well i won't continue to bore you with my yeah nice writing to you i guess...hope to hear from ya!

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