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Tati (xxlilsurferxx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-15 19:44:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:i hate everythin about you

    good times!i!i
    lol wow ... well last nite i spent the nite at sarahs.. it was me sarah and hannah ... and we walked on the ridge at nite time ! wow scary stuff ... we got chased by something that was black and big! argh! and then we woke up and went to the ridge in the light .. alot less scary .. woo "breath of fresh air " and we went to tree tops .. lol ahahhah so then we walked up to this company picnic thingy and sarah went up and started playing wit a holla hoop.... there was a clown paintin faces and there was a man making balloons .. rock climbing, ice cones, dunkin booth , and a jumpin house ... we walked up there and acted like we were invited and got hot dogs and cotton candy , and got balloons and did the chicken dance wow that was freakin geakin awesome! .... i would only pullthat off wit sarah and hannah ... there crazy like that lol .. and then after i went home and got my hair cut! woo hoo but its a bit too short lol .. and then i dyed tara's hair lol ... i hope i did a OKAY job lol hahah"please god" 0o and me and tara went to mcdonalds and got free food!! loland lots and lots of sauces lol .. we needed a bag for all of them lol .. "good leftovers" hehe well today was a freakin thrill and i just found out im goin to the dolphin game tomorrow wooooooooo hooooooooo be xoxox0o

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yo dawg!
2003-11-17 17:32 (link)
tatis mad hot!! and i love her!!

one -n- only

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