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Classic (xxjustonekiss) wrote,
@ 2004-10-11 18:39:00
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    Current mood: morose
    Current music:blah blah blah

    in one ear and out the other
    So yeah my weekend was pretty good..
    Friday night babysitting went well. The kids were good. I made $55, which was NOT at all what I expected to make.

    Saturday morning I worked. It was there. Yeah.. After work my grandparents from up north were here. I visited. Then I headed to the mall and got some stuff from American Eagle. Cute stuff. Then I headed to my grandma's house. Amanda called me and invited me to Blake's. Then there wasn't enough room for me in the cars so I was uninvited. Then re-invited when they kicked Missy outta the car. So I went and it was soo much fun!! The Grim Reaper turned out to be this kid who goes to Chipp. It was cool. The hayride was AWESOME!! I MADE THE BEST 'your mom' JOKE EVER!! The haunted house was lame but it was still fun. The "star wars" room was swayyyt!! You stand on this bridge thingy and the room spins around you. It was the coolest thing ever!!

    Sunday I had to work like always. Missy, Rachel, Ashley, Ben, and Doug came in. Joe made me laugh like always. He took my phone away and then gave it back to me a half hour later. He put both of his numbers in under "for a good time". I told him he was such a fag. And he's like "if I'm a fag then you must be a guy".
    That made me chuckle.


    Today wasn't the best day ever, but it was there.
    I did my homework, then ate then, went to CVS after school. I got gum and stuff.

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