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Classic (xxjustonekiss) wrote,
@ 2004-05-27 19:13:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:"Dirrrty" Xtina Aguilera

    ooh your ass..... huh I like that
    I hate my math teacher.
    I hate my math teacher.
    Who hates their math teacher?
    Kristina does!!!
    With a passion

    Long story... but let's just say she's a hypocrite.
    Other than that my day was uneventful.
    No.... it was BO-RING.
    It's always boring though.
    10 more days.
    lol First hour I got into a fight with the annoying dumbass. He called me ignorant. He said something stupid like he always does. And I was like "God I hate ignorant people. I can't stand them" and then he goes "Well then you must realli hate yourself". And I was like "Oh yeah cuz I'm such an ignorant person".
    Then I called him a dumbass. And it was out of nowhere too. Leigh laughed soo hard.
    I hate him. With a passion.

    .:You can't succeed in taking my inner peace from me:.

    My dad's childhood friend's wife died last night. Mrs. Campoli. She was such a nice woman. I think she had breast cancer. I feel bad for her family. She has a daughter who's a junior at DHS and a 6 year old and a 4 year old.

    I kinda want a boyfriend.
    But boys are soooooooooo immature.
    I don't even know.
    Maybe I'm delerious.....
    food deprived, malnoutritioned.
    That's it! It's gotta be.
    But sometimes I wonder if I'm destined to never have a relationship.
    Maybe...... just maybe............

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2004-06-02 19:19 (link)
How was your 10 million day weekend...Actually it was a 4 day weekend but chyeah? lol

<33 I have to sign your yearbook!!

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