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♥.Janarelle.♥ (xxheartxyouxx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-23 18:55:00
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    stolded from linzy
    last cigarette: about 9:30
    last car ride: umm on thursday when we all skipped
    last kiss: lol when i was with linzy on thursday..only because there was a mistle toe..but with a boy was with ben like 898 years ago
    last good cry: last ngiht
    last library book checked out: umm i duno?
    last movie seen: texas chainsaw masscure
    last book read: Go Ask Alice
    last cuss word uttered: "shut up dumbass"
    last beverage drank: mountian dew
    last food consumed: mexican pizza
    last crush: anthony and ben
    last phone call: linzy
    last tv show watched: umm something on mtv
    last time showered: like an hour ago
    last shoes worn: flip flops
    last cd played: a burnt cd
    last item bought: insence
    last downloaded: placebo - every me, every you
    last annoyance: my brother
    last disappointment: myself
    last soda drank: mountian dew
    last thing written: umm...oh my schedule for work
    last key used: k
    last word spoken: dumbass
    last sleep: like 3-5pm.
    last im: nevin
    last sexual fantasy: umm i dont kno? ;]
    last weird encounter: talking to amber
    last ice cream eaten: umm i cant member
    last time amused: thursday when we skipped
    last time wanting to die: last seriously
    last time in love: never
    last time hugged: friday
    last time scolded: last night
    last time resentful: umm..i dont member
    last chair sat in: da one im in now
    last lipstick used: lip gloss playa! friday..
    last shirt worn: the one im wearing now?
    last time dancing: jeez umm..when i was with linzy probaby
    last poster looked at: boys night out thingy
    last show attended: take action tour..with PTW playa!

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2003-11-24 13:03 (link)
Im bored so I think Im going to steal it too....

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