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Adrienne (xxfidelityxx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-28 18:19:00
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    Current mood:wishful

    ::the hook up game::
    liann was over with Vick. We hungout, Open Xmas gifts, and went to the deli. Then later did some kaoroke singing.
    haha. It was great. I sang like a virgin by Modana.
    Vick sang some gangstER rap song & liann sung jessica simpson.. oh what a viriety. ;-)
    Vick went home around 7:45pm.
    ::after dinner::
    Liann is still here. were sitting at the computer.. and I told liann about whats going on in my life. All of a sudden she decides to hook me up with this kid named james. Im transfering school so hes going to that school that Im going to. One of my other friends used 2 like him so I asked her about it and she doesnt like him anymore.
    We just started talking like two days ago.. hes really cool. our personality click but I have heard his "bad"side.
    Now that Im thinking in reality because hes only seen a picture of me and ive only seen a picture of him.. i dont know what he really thinks of me.
    Im really scared because I know there could be another girl thats better than me that could just walk by and take him away. So many times Ive been hurt or something doesnt make it work out. I dont feel good enough for anybody. I mean my friends.. I adore and ofcourse my family,But for someone to love me like the way they do.. its asking too much?
    I ve got friends, faimly, and my music. I dont need another heart break, I dont need someone to use me again I dont want any of that. Honestly, who does?

    i JUSt dont wanna get my hopes up for something isnt going to happen. Because bad luck, Im known for.

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