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Some Person (xxdarkxx) wrote,
@ 2008-08-17 02:46:00
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    Wanting to be around
    Seems to be really fucking difficult for him.
    it's really annoying to be put against, what would I rather do? "do this or spend the night with her?....yea, tooootally rather do this."
    I really LOVE being a 3rd or 4th priority if any at all. Being one, is a hard thing for him to make me, for too long apparently. it's only when something bad happens, I matter.

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Hello there
2008-08-17 04:36 (link)
I know you dont know me, but hey i figured what the hell, as Jack Burton would say in Big Trouble in Little China, and yes i love that movie, and i am also a huge fan of Poe, Vampires, Marilyn Manson and Dragons, have been since i was a kid, well the Dragons part anyway. Anyways i was reading some of the recent journals and i saw yours, and read it, and i'm not doing this out of pity, doing it cause i understand, trust me i do. Been down that road of relationships a long damn time. 32 here, been at for 16 years, i hope u don't get creeped out that some dude comes along, thats way older then you, and simply wants to offer you, an understanding ear, someone who can relate if you will.

Its upto you if you care to, you can tell me to fuck off u old creepy bastard or have soemone that will listen, i'm pretty good at it, years of pracitce, something i don't fuck up, lol. If you want to let me know, if not, i'll never bother you again, and go back to my shadowy corner of Blurty. Anyways, takecare the best you can, i mean it, the best anyone can, right? anyways, its late, i can't sleep, but i'm getting tired so i am off, i hope u'll at least give it some thought, ciao.

Sinecerely, ShadowKing

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