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Christie (xxchokexmexx) wrote,
@ 2005-04-19 12:39:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:You Got A Killer Scene There, Man... - QOTSA

    New journal...purteh
    I got bored with my other journal, and sometimes I need a change. I think my fish ate one of my minnows. That bastard. I got the new Queens of the Stone Age CD and I absolutely love it...yay. This summer I'm going to the Vans Warped Tour in Montreal, excited I am. I'm home from school today because I have the flying shits. No joke. I'm quite bored...but oh well. There's no one online to talk to, I guess that's because they're all at I've been thinking about something lately...and it's really getting me excited...but then I think of something bad about that thing, and my hopes drop. I cant really type it here, because, well I cant...Robyn and Ainsley know what I'm talking about. But I dunno...
    I had my party 2 weekends ago, and it went well, except for the part where Jess almost died on my living room floor lmao. I dont know what to talk about, I'm bored and there's really nothing to talk I think I'll go surf. Later days...

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hey poohead
2005-04-19 16:22 (link)
sorry i left you hanging my friend was at the door and I forgot i was on the computer.. anyways yeah school was boring today! you didn't miss much! Well I hope everything works out for you with your whole situation and I'm here if you need to talk some more! Seeya in school tomrow!

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